The Heartwell Foundation

The Heartwell Foundation was ratified as a registered children’s charity in 2006, superseding the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship program which was initiated in 1996.

The sole purpose of the Heartwell Foundation is to provide specialist physical education & rehabilitation programs to children living with varying levels of need that otherwise would not have access to such services.


The impetus for the Heartwell Foundation came 20 years ago came from a 7 year old girl who despite her healthy, active, happy life she was suddenly laid low with headaches. She came to us shortly after her diagnosis of a brain tumour.

Despite extensive disability and weakness after her brain surgery she thrived on her activity program. She accepted challenges, overcame obstacles and made gains, step by small step. Her last session was no different and was just 4 days before she passed away.

We have subsequently seen her love of activity, courage and determination reflected in hundreds of special needs children we have worked with in the years since. Today, The Heartwell Foundation through its various programs assists children/young adults aged 4-21 living with diverse needs to achieve their goals and lead healthier, more active and fun filled lives participating and contributing within the wider community.


Heartwell programs are directed to preschool, primary and secondary school aged children. Particular emphasis is given to early intervention, providing targeted services at an early age which are fundamental in realising or maximising future life opportunities. Heartwell is funded through the corporate, philanthropic & community sectors and via various fundraising initiatives. Recent discussions with State and Federal Governments bode well for much greater funding opportunities.

The Heartwell Foundation provides unique rehabilitation and educational services offering access and opportunity. We aim to create a more level playing field for deserving children empowering them to climb mountains they never dreamed possible.


Giving kids the confidence to have a go, to persevere and to challenge themselves.

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