Fit 4 Kids takes off

February 01 2014
Fit 4 Kids takes off 

Fit 4 kids- A great way to improve your own fitness but others as well!

Fit 4 kids is a great new initiative which is not only helping to bring in much needed funds to the Foundation but also is benefiting the health and fitness of our corporate donors. 

Ian Pearce, Rob & Sharon Pollock from IT company PPR Solutions have been involved in our new Fit 4 kids,  initiative for 6 months now and couldn't be more positive about this new Corporate Health & Fitness program that not only benefits their well being but also through their contributions has enabled deserving kids to access programs.

3 times a week these guys sweat it out in the Heartwell gym surrounded by photos and stories of lots of the kids who have been involved over the years and I'm sure that it makes them not whinge so much when asked to run that extra 500 metres, row that extra minute or do the additional 10 sit ups!

As Ian says "it really puts things in perspective when you hear some of these stories and for us being involved as a company is great.  Not only do we get to reap the rewards of our own hard work, but get a better understanding of what some of these kids and families are going through!. It really gives a lot of perspective about what is important. It is great for us as a team but also great for the Heartwell program and a really good initiative by Scott and Jules. It is a real win-win! In the truest sense of the word!"

We look forward to expanding Fit4Kids in the coming months and hope to get many more organisations involved.

To see how Fit 4 kids  might work for your organisation please contact Scott at the office for more details. You should also feel free to contact Ian and Rob at PPR for any questions/queries or ideas about anything in IT .  As friends of Heartwell I'm sure they will be happy to help out.  


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