Weight Management Program

Our program encourages a health-centered rather than weight centered approach that focuses on the whole child, physically, mentally and socially. Our emphasis is on activity, eating in normal helathy ways and creating a naturing environment. We promote and support opportunities for enjoyable physical activity.

How often is this service provided?


Sessions are conducted up to three times a week each with a duration of 45 minutes. Sessions are conducted during the weeks of the school year with children usually having a break from their programs during school holidays. The service continues with regular evaluation until the aims and objectives are achieved.

When is the service provided?

Sessions are provided during the hours of 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. There is some availability for session scheduling on Saturday mornings.

Where is the service provided?


Sessions are usually provided at the Heartwell Foundation head office in Doncaster East. This is an excellent learning facility which has been established specifically to cater for various individual needs. It also provides a wonderful closed environment to maximize learning outcomes. It is encouraged for most children where possible to attend here. On occasion there may be the need to provide a session at a child’s school or other community venue and this is usually dependent on the aims of the program.

What if the family lives at a distance from Melbourne?

It is possible that the Heartwell Foundation may be able to provide its programs in this circumstance and/or may mean liaison with local agencies to provide this service.

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