Maidie's Story

Maidie's Story  
Maidie's mum's poignant letter says it all..

February 22 2001

Today at her phys ed session, Maidlin ran the whole way round thesports oval!   She had to stop about 5 times to regain her breath, butshe didn't fall once.   This may not seem much to some of us, but 18months ago she couldn't run two steps, and I certainly didn't know she could do this.

She still falls regularly when walking!I ran out to meet her for the last twenty meters and ran with herholding her hand. I cry as I write this to you Scott...I am so proud of her. She does her program with one other child, who has mobility problems due to brain damage as a result of a pushbike accident.   The other child was standing in front of me with Anna, their instructor.

As Maidlin was running around the far side of the oval, we were all watching her, hardly believing she was doing it. Kirsty turned to Anna with a hopeful voice and said, "Anna, can you please teach me to run too?"

I felt the tears well up; this seemed to make Maidie's achievement all the more poignant.  We take being able to run totally for granted.   Of course we can all run!   Thanks for being there to share the good and the bad of this bastard cancer. 


Mum of Maidlin (who can run again, when I had thought she never would!)


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